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Service Announcement: Services Moved to DataTechLabs

dtlvoip services have been moved to our main page: DataTechLabs.

Please use DataTechLabs site for latest service offerings, prices, and Signup.

Existing Customers of are welcome to use same login as before.

Our Services

dtlvoip offers fully featured Hosted VoIP Switching and Billing service built on DataTechLabs ArrowBilling and ArrowSwitch. The service is actively running for more than 10 years, has served hundreds of customers and transferred billions of traffic minutes helping to generate revenue for its valuable customers. The system features unique combination of best open standards based software elements combined with DataTechLabs own-built software and supported by the very team which created it. By sourcing many of system pieces from ever-growing army of open source developers, we are able to quickly react on market changes, new requests, or fixing issues should they appear.

Who Are Our Customers

Our customers are representing various areas of internet telecommuntications services, offering a range of services, including:

  • Small to medium telephony operators offering alternative telecom services
  • Calling Card providers
  • Mobile phone SIM-dialer and pre-dialer services
  • Callshop chain operators
  • Callback providers
  • Call Termination service providers
  • Wholesale traffic agents and brokers
  • PC-to-phone, IP phone device services
  • ... and many other service types

How to Start

To start, please fill Sign up form and receive fully functional Hosted Switch and Billing within minutes. You can use it free for up to 14 days.