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ArrowBilling version 2.3 release

2010-12-01 12:01

We are now offering new version of ArrowBilling to all new customers registering for dtlvoip hosted services.

The version 2.3 is available from today, and here are the main feature highlights:

  • New routing engine, based on single centralised master code list - avoids confusion with non-matching destination codes;
  • Improved calling card support. Better batch management, more features;
  • New Callshop interface. Redesigned line pages. More easy setup, added new functions for admins, new reports;
  • For termination services - support for termination gateways with non-fixed IP addresses, and behind NAT. Option to limit daily or weekly minutes per port. Usable for SIP-SIM bank gateways (e.g. GOIP series)
  • Portal pages. Make your own web page with easy CMS. Any number of pages, images, own style.
  • Complete multi-language support for entire billing system. Just added Spanish for your reference, with French, Portuguese and others coming shortly.